Our Commitment

Happy Valley Acres LLC is an established rabbitry, located in Glendale Arizona.  Our focus is to provide the best match for you and your family.  We specialize in Mini Rex & Standard Rex rabbits, also known as the “Velveteen Rabbit”.  We have a fantastic selection of colors, ages, temperaments and sizes perfect for FFA, 4-H, show or pet.  Our rabbitry is registered with "The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Rabbitbreeders.us, The National Mini Rex Club & National  Re Rabbit Club".  Click on the "rabbit" below to be connected to rabbitbreeders.us site.  We look forward to helping you find your perfect friend.

Mr. Peter & his BFF

Our Story

It all began with a baby fuzzy bunny that the Easter Bunny brought my oldest son.  Mr. Peter is the name he was given.  As a young rabbit he was and still is very gentle and loves to climb up onto my son's lap or crook of his back.  Mr. Peter would stay there as long as you would let him stay or until my son has to get up.  Because of his loving attitude we decided or should I say my youngest son begged for a bunny of his own.  When it came time to picking out another rabbit, we found a beautiful doe which ended up being called "Twinkle".  She was a very patient rabbit and really loved being around the boys. This put a spark into our heads and shortly after we had little Peters and Twinkles hopping around.  My youngest son took some baby bunnies to school for a "show and share day".  All the kids and teachers loved the bunnies so much that we ended up selling all the babies before the session was over.  This was the start of our rabbitry from ordinary to pedigreed and quality that we possess today. 

Unfortunately we lost Twinkle in 2014 and Peter, April of 2016.  They are both greatly missed by everyone who knew them.  

They will forever be in our hearts and have been barried in our rabbit sancuary to forever rest in peace.

Please see the Contact page on how to reach us for your next purchase.

Mr. Peter & Twinkle

 Just like peas & Carrots

Happy Valley Acres could very well be the best place on Earth - at least that's what our rabbits seem to think.